Virtual mass transfer lab

Separating and Throttling Calorimeter

To determine the dryness fraction of steam by separating and throttling calorimeter.

ASTM distillation

Determination of boiling range characteristics of petroleum product by using ASTM distillation

Flow through porous media - II

To study the membrane film properties

Column tray effeciency

To study the operation of a batch rectification column under constant or total reflux condition.

Flow through porous media -I

To study the membrane support properties.

Rotary Dryer

To study the drying characteristics of a solid using rotary dryer

Forced draft tray dryer

To study the drying characteristics of a solid under forced draft condition .

Vapor in air diffusion

To determine the difusion co-efficient of an organic vapor in air and to study the effect of temperature on it.

Mass transfer with or without chemical reaction

To study the dissolution of benzoic acid in aqueous NaOH solution and to Compare the observed enhancement factor for mass transfer with those predicted by film and boundary layer model.

Binary vapor liquid equilibrium

To determine the composition of components in vapor phase and plot graph between temperature and mole fraction and to determine the relative volatility.

Design of binary distillation column

To study a Mathematical program for the design of distillation columns for binary mixtures and the diameter and cost calculations.

Water cooling tower

To study the heat & mass transfer operation in Water Cooling Tower for different flow & thermodynamic conditions.