Harmonically Excited Support Motion of a Single DOF System

4.4 Steps for operating virtual simulation


Step 1: The VI screen as shown in Fig. 4.3 will appear after opening the VI. The blue color slider is used to vary the desired damping ratio. The variation is showed by green color in the slider. User can vary the damping ratio with the help of the slider to see the response of amplitude vs. frequency ratio and phase angle vs. frequency ratio at different damping ratios.


Fig. 4.3: Screen shot of panel after opening the VI


Step 2:  After opening the VI, press the continuous run button at the top left of the VI panel. The color of continuous run button at running condition will turn to black. The screen shot of VI panel after pressing the run button is shown in Fig. 4.4. The screen shot is showing the response initially at zero damping.


Fig. 4.4: Screen shot of VI panel after running it


Step 3:  Give the inputs for damping ratio, as per requirement with the help of blue slider. In the considered example, damping ratio  ζ= 0.375 has been taken and the screen shot of response shown by VI panel is shown in Fig. 4.5. The green color line in the x-y graph is showing amplitude vs. frequency response and dark pink color line is showing phase angle vs. frequency ratio response.


Fig. 4.5: Screen shot of VI showing response at damping ratio of 0.375


Step 4: To stop the running VI, press the red circular stop button at the top left side of the panel.


Step 5 : To run it again repeat from step 2.